HawaiiKidsCAN will empower communities with accessible information about our schools, and help elevate their voices and concerns to build the conditions for all students in Hawaii to thrive.


HawaiiKidsCAN works to build an equitable education system for our keiki, ensuring every Hawaii student has access to a high-quality education that prepares them for a life of success and global and local leadership.

Our Guiding Stars

  • Innovation: The world around us is changing. We must embrace the challenge of providing our children with an education that keeps up with the world. We also know that no two kids are the same. New breakthroughs in teaching, learning and technology will allow us to personalize each student’s learning experience. These innovations can help all our students get the education they need to thrive.
  • Multilingualism: We live in a global economy where speaking many languages opens up a world of possibilities. Our students are already rich in language. They speak Ilokano, Chuu-kese, Marshallese, Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Hawaiian at home. The incredible language diversity of our local families can provide our students with unparalleled advantages in this new world.
  • Options: Education is more than a tool for advancement, it is the beating heart of our diverse communities. It has the potential to preserve the unique strengths that make us proud to call these islands home. By involving the full diversity of schools in this civic effort, we can provide students with the rigorous and culturally relevant learning experiences they deserve.
  • Excellence: The bar for excellence in education keeps rising. We must embrace this challenge to ensure that our kids thrive in this changing world. The first step forward is believing that all students can reach the bar that we set for them. By aiming high we can ensure that excellence is weaved through all our educational endeavors.

Our Why