• HawaiiKidsCAN launches, marked by the Educational Equity Symposium, with 75 teachers, education leaders and community members showing up to participate on a beautiful Saturday morning.
      • As the framework for our policy work, we released The Future of Education in Hawaii, a roadmap to equitable schooling that begins with a clear, candid assessment of where Hawaii stands today against key markers of excellence.
      • We published the State of Education in Hawaii 2017 report, as well as island reports for Oahu, Hawaii Island, Maui and Kauai.


      • Launched the We Are Voices of Excellence (WAVE) youth advocacy program, first as a pilot cohort at Farrington High School and then as an opportunity across Oahu. We launched a cohort of the program for educators with Teach For America Hawaii.
      • Passed a bill that enables all high schools to offer computer science professional development to teachers (Act 51).
      • WAVE students helped us successfully advocate for the Hawaii Board of Education to approve Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 standards for public school computer science.
      • Produced the State of Computer Science Education in Hawaii 2018 report, which fueled our advocacy work.
      • Partnered with Iolani School and Purple Maia to launch the first Women & Girls Processing Power event in support of girls in STEM.
      • Collaborated with organizations including Teach For America Hawaii and Education Incubator to run a series of alternative spring and fall break advocacy bootcamps.
      • Hosted a youth-led candidate forum in partnership with KFVE-TV and Hawaiian Electric, which featured 11 candidates for US Congress and the governor’s seat—including sitting Gov. David Ige.
      • In recognition of our success this legislative session, we honored Representative Justin Woodson and Senator Donovan Dela Cruz as legislative champions for introducing the computer science bill.
      • Joined task forces at the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) to advocate for computer science credits being counted toward graduation requirements and the expansion of the Seal of Biliteracy.


      • Expanded WAVE to a full statewide cohort with multiple neighbor islands represented.
      • Rebranded our girls STEM event with Purple Maia and Iolani School to Wahine Processing Power and moved it to Grove Farm on Kauai.
      • Launched Spark & Inspire with Teach For America Hawaii to uplift teacher “edupreneurs.”
      • Conducted 2019 Public Education Survey and focus groups to highlight community opinions on hot topics in education.
      • Convened a series of focus groups with diverse community members to contribute feedback to HIDOE’s 2030 Promise Plan.
      • Partnered with Teach For America Hawaii and Hawaii State Teacher Fellows (formerly Hope Street Group) to launch education networking series bringing stakeholders together to crowdsource solutions to challenges facing schools and students.


      • Advocated for schools to adopt a trauma-informed approach to student learning and support, and released the Healing Trauma in Hawaii report.
        Launched the Hawaii Education Innovation Showcase (highlight video here) to spotlight the many ways “community is the classroom.”
      • Advocated for clear and consistent benchmarks to be shared with families and the public to assess student readiness
      • Advocated for HIDOE to collect and publish detailed information on student attendance and access to learning dating back to when schools initially closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and running until schools officially reopen.
      • Launched WiFi on Wheels program to ensure students have access to internet connectivity, particularly in rural and remote communities.
      • Published analysis of HIDOE teacher compensation study.
      • Held the first Hawaii Youth Advocacy Film Contest in partnership with the Hawaii State Council on Developmental Disabilities and Hawaii Women In Filmmaking.
      • The WAVE program adapted to the challenges of pandemic restrictions by merging with youth programs from Ceeds of Peace and Pacific and Asian Affairs Council to form the Youth Action Alliance Hawaii super program.
      • Launched an all-virtual Wahine Processing Power, including at-home learning kits and a focus on tech-fashion with sessions from experts in the field.
      • Transformed Spark & Inspire from a one night event into a three-night festival of innovation, with projects focused on community partnerships, culturally-relevant financial literacy and scholarships for indigenous youth.
      • Announced four legislative champions: Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, Sen. Michelle Kidani, Rep. Justin Woodson and Rep. Troy Hashimoto.
      • Kept community perspectives front and center through the pandemic through Dispatches From The Field web series, including parent (Marissa Baptista and Amanda Kaahanui), student, educator, homeschool and innovator perspectives.
      • Mobilized hundreds of parents through our #moreforkids campaign to call on Governor Ige to provide direct aid to families, resulting in a digital wallet funding request nearly being approved to distribute federal stimulus funds.
      • Were one of the founding partners of the Ho’ohuli initiative, which empowered youth to become civically engaged and organize virtual convenings on post-pandemic policy priorities.
      • Was a key partner with the 2020 virtual Hawaii Children & Youth Summit.


      • Passed legislation to require all elementary and middle schools to teach computer science.
      • Passed legislation to ensure Hawaii collects student attainment data for individual industry-recognized credentials.
      • Passed legislation to codify universal access to high-speed internet and educational technology.
      • Ensured participation in learning through safe alternatives by launching pilot programs such as Ohana Pods Lanai and a spring break mentorship connector between retired teachers and struggling students.
      • Successfully advocated at the Hawaii State Board of Education (BOE) in support of free summer school for all kids and against attempts to shorten the school year.
      • Served as a trusted voice in local media on pressing topics relating to what parents and kids need from their schools, with more than 40 different local media appearances including as a panelist on an episode of PBS Hawaii’s INSIGHTS talk show.
      • Kept innovating with Teach For America Hawaii to launch a dynamic hybrid Spark & Inspire, including our first student presenter.

Mahalo to the many partners and supporters who have made this work possible:

Aaron Heredia
Ac’Lynne Uesugi
Agapito Heredia
Aisha Heredia
Alex Sun
Alex Teece
Alexander & Baldwin
Aloha United Way
Amanda Aragon
Amy Sun
Andi Shaw
Andrew Sun
Annalise Miyashiro
Anne Weber
Anniebel Heredia
Antonio Tan
Associated Chinese University Women, Inc.
Atherton Family Foundation
Aulii Tenn
Avelino Halagao
Ben Trevino
Benjamin Strand
Bessie Joy Limpe
Beth Barefoot
Bobby Morse
Brianne Smith
Burt Lum
Cami Kloster
Camille Villa
Celeste Y. Endo
Chamberlin Family Foundation
Cheryl Scarton
Christina Torres
City and County of Honolulu Grant in Aid
Colette Masunaga
Computational Thinkers
Cynthia Williams
Dan Kouchi
Dane Carlson
Danicole Ramos
Daniel Goya
Daphne Okunaga
David Bressler
David Chee
David Miyashiro
David Namm
Derrick Frazier
Douglas Williams
Drew Stanecki
Elisa Yadao
Elizabeth Gaccione
Erin Johnson
Ernie Williams
Eve Neiger
Foodland Super Market
Foundation of the Rotary Club of Honolulu Hawaii
Gary and Liz Kerwood
Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
Koanani Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation
Hawaii Community Foundation
Hawaii Community CHANGE Grant from the Hawaii Resilience Fund, Abraham & Annie Lau Children’s Fund and Youth Matters Endowment Fund.
Hawaii People’s Fund
Hawaii State Council on Developmental Disabilities
Hawaiian Electric Company
Hawaiian Telcom
Haydee Liz Acosta
Hayley Arlin
HMSA Foundation
Jaime Hopkins
James Grant
Jared Nakamoto
Jason Louie
Jeff Arce
Jennifer Kurian
Jessica Kaneakua
Jill Baldemor
Jo McDermott
John Reyes
Jonathan Mather
Joseph Manfre
Josh Heimowitz
Josh Reppun
Judy Dettmer
Julia Namm

Julia Standeford
K.B. Kim
Kamehameha Schools
Karen McAvoy
Kathleen Sabol
Kathryn Wild
Katie Arita-Chang
Kelsey Amos
Kendra Lee
Kenta Ferrin
Kevin Argueta
Kim Roman
Kirsten Naomi Chapman
Kristen Brummel
Krystle Richman
Kurt Matsumoto
Lauren Nguyen
Layla Kilolu
Levani Lipton
Lia Rozmiarek
Leslie Toy
Lindsey Bailey
Liz and Bob Ratzi
Lonnie Resser
Lyle Fujikawa
MacNaughton Group
Marissa Baptista
Mary Hattori
Mary Wenstrom
Mary Therese Hattori
Matt Prillaman
Matthew Shriner
Megan Kawatachi
Meilan Akaka Manfre
Mel Galarneau
Micah Chee
Mina Hosseini
Mio Chee
Miriam Nikkila
Nakupuna Foundation
Nancy Barry
National School Choice Week
Napela Shim
Nirja Parekh
Nora Shriner
Pacific and Asian Affairs Council
Pacific Resource Partnership
Paige Heckathorn Choy
Patricia Morgan
Phil McAvoy
PJ Tan
Poepoe Foundation
Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation
Pulama Lanai
Rae Shih
Rev. Akaka Ministries Foundation
Rhonda Black
Rian-Angelica Barreras
Robert Fontenot
Robyn Fukumoto
Ron Matayoshi
Rowena Tigno
Roya Dennis
Rupa Venkatesh
Ryan Mandado
Sandy Ma
Sarah Milianta-Laffin
Scott Applebaum
Sherry Menor-McNamara
Shih Yung Sun
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Startup Capital Ventures
Stephanie Shipton
Stephen Terstegge
Steven Quinn
Strada Education Network
Subira Gordon
Tanya Aquino
Tea Giacomelli
Teach for America Hawaii
Teach for America Reinvention Lab
Theresa Bailey
The Rev. Prof. Gregory Johnson
Thomas and Janet Miyasato
Traven Watase
Tyler Fujita
Vallay Varro
Victoria Trevino
Wallane and Terry Lau
Ward Village Foundation
Wayne Miyashiro
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Yin Ching Sun
Yvonne W Lau


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