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Highlights from Hawaii Education Innovation Showcase 2020!

We asked ourselves the question “What if we create an event so community-based nonprofits, local entrepreneurs, and families can come together to share resources about learning experiences that are outside of the traditional school system?” We also wondered: “What could we learn from sharing the thoughts and experiences, and knowledge gained through the eyes of youth who have participated in these programs?” Our questions became a reality, on January 26th, when we held our first Hawaii Education Innovation Showcase (HEIS). We think of HEIS as a community learning experiment and experience. With so many layers, it’s hard to explain in a couple of sentences, so let me dive in and share with you some highlights of the event!

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The most important voices in Hawaii are the ones heading back to school

We’re excited to share back to school perspectives of four student leaders from our WAVE Youth Program. Pua Olena Torres, Dyson Chee, Camron Johnson-Lee and Phoenix Maimiti Valentine are pursuing their education in diverse ways – at a traditional public, a charter high school and via homeschooling environments. All of them are emblematic of the incredible individuals in the WAVE Youth Program, who all have a desire to see a more just and equitable state, country and world. If you’re a high school student in Hawaii check out WAVE and join us!