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Resilient Communities, Schools and Families Partnership – January 2023

With the dawn of a new year, we know the horizon is full of endless possibilities. While traumatic and challenging events never seem far away, the opportunity is also ripe for positive individual and societal change. We’re hopeful that 2023 will be an uplifting and empowering year for Hawaii’s communities, schools, and families, so please stay tuned for new examples of resilience from classrooms and beyond.

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Part 2! Shape the future of education in Hawaii

The Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) and Hawaii State Board of Education (BOE) began a process to develop and approve a multi-year strategic plan for Hawaii’s education system. The department has been operating without a strategic plan since the 2017-2020 plan expired. While a new plan, the 2030 Promise Plan, was presented to the BOE in 2020, it was never approved or revisited.