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Announcing Hawaii Education Exploration Week

HawaiiKidsCAN is running Hawaii Education Exploration Week, a weeklong event from January 25 – January 31 of fun activities for families to celebrate diverse paths to education! We are holding a scavenger hunt with fun daily challenges, including a live virtual board game session on Zoom.

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Lending your voice to our petition for Gov. Ige

With the island of Oahu in the middle of a new lockdown, Covid-19 cases surging in our state, and continued leadership turnover, our community needs support to survive the crisis of our lifetime. This is especially true for kids and families, and our vast digital divide continues to put students in groups of haves and have-nots when it comes to access to quality academic learning and social-emotional supports. Other states are rising to this challenge by supporting parents financially as they try to bridge the gap and make sure their children do not fall behind in a disrupted school year. Hawaii should do the same.

Please sign this petition to urge Governor Ige to support the families of Hawaii to get financial support to bridge the gap.