Watch this PSA about Vote by Mail


How will this affect voters?

This might make it easier for some folks to vote, because they don’t have to drive to the polls, or take time off of work.

But this might make it difficult for some folks who need a little help with voting. Individuals with disabilities might have difficulties voting by mail. Different types of disabilities will need different types of support, this might include support with:

  • Signing up / registering to vote
  • Reading and marking the vote
  • Turning in the vote by mail ballot

How did people used to vote before?

A majority of voters used to go to “polling places” to vote in-person. Some returned “absentee” ballots in the mail before the election date. If voters went to a polling place they could receive help or more information on how to vote by a polling place staff person.

Will people still be able to vote in-person?

Yes, folks may vote in-person by visiting any voter service center in your county. Voter service centers are open 10 days through Election Day for in-person voting, same day registration and accessible voting.

Where are voter service centers located?

Office of elections has not yet announced the location of the voter service centers. To know more go to the Office of elections website: