Resources for Supporting Your Keiki

Get tips on how to support your keiki during school closure time. How to organize your learning space, parent pointer videos, tips on supporting learning with technology.

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Hawaii State Department of Education

Update on Friday 4/17/20: The Hawai‘i State Department of Education (HIDOE) will continue school closures for the remainder of the school year. This means in-person school will be closed to students through May 31st.

Get updated information on what is going on with DOE public school closures.

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See this HIDOE Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic

Daily Free Meal Services

During the extended break, Hawaii public schools and non-profits will be providing breakfast and lunch to children who are 18 years or younger. They will be able to stop by one of the designated schools (see list below) to pick up a grab-and-go meal. Note: Meal services will start and end at different times, please see the map below!

Breakfast service hours: 7:30-8 AM
Due to food safety, the meal must be consumed by 10 a.m.

Lunch service hours: 11:30 AM to 12 PM (noon)
Due to food safety, the meal must be consumed by 2 p.m.

Meal services will start on different days across the islands. Please see the map below on when the meal program near you begins!

Aloha United Way 2-1-1

Official hotline for info on COVID-19 where you can find out how to access childcare, financial support, or if you need health related resources. Hours of operation are 7am-10pm, 7 days a week. Text 877-275-6569, or mail

Call 2-1-1 from any location in the state


The Official Center for Disease Control website with their recommendations on how to keep your family protected & how to stay healthy.

Visit the CDC


Social-Emotional Support

Links to guides on how to talk to your kids, and process what’s going on!

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Teach for America-Hawaiʻi Educator Resources

A comprehensive list of free educational resources!

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Connect Virtually

Hawaiʻi State Teacher Fellowship has an open office hour! This is a space for educators in Hawaiʻi to talk about anything related to your school communities.

Everyday from 2:30 – 3:30p HST

Click here to join the call!