The education that’s right for you, because every student learns differently.

✓ Update the requirements to serve on the State Board of Education (HB1560/SB2824))


Tutoring and care for every student in every community.

✓ Provide grant funds to families to support with key educational needs (HB1834/SB2816)


A world of open and connected learning, so you have the tools you need to strengthen your community and succeed in life.

✓ Let students more easily earn school credit from community-based programs and organizations (BOE)


A clear path to the career you choose. It’s about finding your fit and your pathway to a meaningful life.

✓ Remove barriers so more students can participate in career readiness programs (HB1707/SB2711)
✓ Provide incentive funds to schools when students complete industry-recognized credential programs (HB1559/SB2826)
✓ Enable computer science courses to count towards core graduation requirements (BOE)


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