As we work to build a more robust and successful education system in Hawaii, we must ground our work in where our state’s education landscape currently stands. Below you will find our initial analysis of how Hawaii is currently rated across each of 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now’s four dimensions of a healthy and dynamic learning system.

Rating summary

  • Community (2 points out of 4) – We have committed to building strong relationships between our schools and their communities. The next step is to ensure all communities have true ownership over their educational experiences. That means elevating community voices and making sure they are heard.
  • Competition (1 point out of 4) – While a large number of students already attend alternatives to traditional schools, many students still don’t have access to these options. We will need to bring many more diverse school providers and civic groups into the public sphere to provide all families with a range of high-quality choices.
  • Performance (2 points out of 4) – We have invested as a state in more rigorous standards, assessments and systems for holding schools and teachers accountable for results. We need to keep improving these approaches by also empowering leaders with the support needed to reach their goals.
  • Pluralism (2 points out of 4) – We have made important steps toward embracing diversity and difference in our approach to education. We will need to strengthen our unique cultural and linguistic position by making greater investments in civic and educational programs that build upon these values.