The Board of Education released its short list of three candidates for Superintendent of Hawaii’s Department of Education. They are Darrel Galera, Keith Hayashi and Caprice Young.

Both Galera and Hayashi are from Hawaii, Young is not. The candidates will face a rigorous interview process and the new superintendent should be decided by mid June.

Galera has more than 40 years in public education in Hawaii including time as a district superintendent and leadership consultant.

Hayashi has more than 30 years experience. He’s been a complex area superintendent and is the current interim superintendent.

As for Young, she’s the only candidate who has a doctorate in education. She’s worked in education for 20-plus years, but she’s the only candidate that has not worked locally.

While many said the new superintendent should have experience working in the islands, David Miyashiro, Executive Director of Hawaii Kids Can, said he’d be open to other options depending on the candidates experience.

“It’s important to be able to bring in fresh perspectives,” Miyashiro said. “Again, we’ve gone through this shared pandemic. And I know there are great districts out there that have really weathered the storm well. I think if there’s somebody who, has been in a big district in California, and has managed the crisis and has been able to keep and maintain that public trust, I think that’s somebody who I’m certainly interested in at least hearing their ideas.”

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